Why Work With COLORBOND® Steel

If you have ever taken a stroll around Melbourne and admired a recently renovated COLORBOND®  steel roof then you already have some idea of what a good re-roofing specialist can do for you and your home. COLORBOND® steel roofing can transform the appearance of a dated home and create a more spacious looking exterior. While adding a new roof to your home can be a substantial financial investment, the ongoing costs of roof maintenance on poorly performing concrete tiles equally adds up. Sometimes you’re better off to re-do the whole thing and opt for a roofing material that is more durable, dependable and aesthetically pleasing instead.

In our experience COLORBOND® steel has several key advantages over tiles that makes it worth your while.


It’s light

Unlike traditional terracotta and concrete tiles, steel roofing is super lightweight. This means less stress on the roof framing and structure of your home, and ultimately less wear over time. For us re-roofing specialists, COLORBOND® has the added benefit of being much easier and faster to handle and install. Better yet, unlike tiles, COLORBOND® does not absorb rainwater or change its weight when wet. The takeaway? Lightweight COLORBOND® steel roofing is quick to install and remains in peak-condition no matter the weather. That’s a solid perk in Melbourne where there are three seasons in one day!


It’s low maintenance

Your COLORBOND® roof only requires a little washing every six months or so with fresh water. Remove any debris on the roof and gutter and your roof is good-as-new again – it’s that easy. COLORBOND® roofs don’t require frequent painting either and are peeling, chipping and cracking resistant. Due to the easy upkeep, a COLORBOND® roof saves you dollars in the long term and that’s why we love installing them.


It is kinder to the earth

While there are many more good points we could list, we think the environmental benefits are important to mention in current times. Luckily, investing in sustainability is a perk for you too, because it works out as lower energy bills for your home! Lighter-coloured COLORBOND® reflects high amounts of heat, resulting in lower indoor temperatures and less reliance on your air conditioner. Conversely, COLORBOND® thermatech technology insulates your home during the cooler months, directly reducing your heating bills. Less reliance on heating and cooling is good for your wallet but it’s also kind to mother earth by lowering your household emissions. Last but not least, COLORBOND® roofs are 100% recyclable. In fact, steel is one of the most efficiently recycled products on the planet. When you choose a COLORBOND® roof, you are committing to a more sustainable and green planet for us all.