To Repair or Replace?

Replacing an entire roof can be costly and understandably many of us put it off. However, now that changeable Melbourne winter is upon us, poor insulation and water leaks are going to cause big problems, from mould, to increased energy bills, to dangerously compromised structures and foundations in your home. However, unless the damage is extreme it can be easy to miss smaller areas of damage. If you’re noticing unusually high energy bills, unexplained water marks, chills and drafts then you may need to consider whether roof damage is the culprit. A specialist roof inspection is indispensable to determining whether you need repairs or a full roof restoration. Your reputable re-roofing specialist will be able to advise you on whether or not your roof needs minor repairs or a full or partial restoration. To give you some tips we’ve compiled a quick run down of the three options:


Minor Roof Repairs

Small problems are best repaired before they become bigger problems by a qualified re-roofing specialist. If you would like to take a look yourself, and if it’s possible and safe to do so, then check if there are any broken or missing shingles. If less than 20% of your roof surface area is showing signs of damage then roof repair may work out to your best advantage. However, things you should consider when it comes to repairs vs re-roofing are 1) whether or not you plan to live in this property for a long time 2) the costs involved in caring for a weaker roof (such as more frequent roof repairs, higher energy bills and fixing up interior damage to like ceilings and carpets) and finally 3) the value of your home if you are planning to sell. Ultimately, roof repairs are a quick fix but the overall cost of roof damage to your home may make partial or full re-roofing a better option.


Partial Restoration

Partial restoration can be a good fit if you have an otherwise excellent roof with just one area that has sustained external damage e.g from a nearby fallen tree. Partial restoration is more thorough and fool-proof than simple repairs and will blend well with an otherwise new and well-performing roof. Partial restoration can improve the cosmetic appearance of your roof and provide peace of mind about a problem area. However, if the rest of your roof is ageing and in need of replacement, then one new area against the rest of your roof can look unsightly. Furthermore, if the rest of your room is due for a re-fresh then a partial restoration is only putting off the inevitable. Partial restoration may not be as cost effective as you might think if you have to do the other half of the roof a year or two later.


Complete Re-Roofing

We don’t mean to present complete re-roofing as your only option but if the damage is extensive. Complete specialist re-roofing is charged cheaper than partial restoration or ongoing repairs so you might as well get a whole new roof. While this may seem daunting, our specialist re-roofing team has the experience and knowledge to make the process as streamlined as possible. Better yet, you get the pleasure of choosing your Colorbond style and colour, so you’ll get the perfect match to your home and decor preference. Our Colorbond re-roofing will provide your home with a highly durable, timeless and weather resistant finish. To top it off, a brand new roof adds character and value to your home, just in case you intend to sell later down the road.