The Benefits of Roof Replacement

Whether you’re going eco-friendly or renovating an old homestead, there’s nothing more Australian than hearing the rain pitter-patter on a corrugated tin roof. But roof replacement doesn’t have to be complicated; at Above and Beyond Roof Replacements we provide fuss-free high-quality roof replacement to the Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria. If you’re tired of tiles, put your trust in the hands of a reputable local company that knows roofs. As we say at Above and Beyond Roof Replacement Melbourne, being on a roof gives you a chance to look at things differently. We will help you see your home differently, too! We have changed worn tiles into stunning COLORBOND® sheet metal on homes from Toorak to Yarragon. A sheet metal roof can add charm and distinction to a period home, or sleek looks and energy efficiency to a modern home. Let’s run through some of the top selling points of a quality sheet metal roof – and get you inspired about your own roof replacement. Property value Finding an attractive high quality roof is one thing that many potential home buyers don’t want to worry about when searching for a property. Not only is a tin roof an enviable feature on any home, it also has a long-life span, meaning fewer problems and great value for money. A beautifully installed roof on a traditional home revitalises its character and will certainly get potential buyers through the door. High quality heat-reflective material and better insulation is an added bonus to the all-round functionality of a good roof replacement. In the eyes of potential buyers, this can translate into a higher value placed on your home. Character and beauty If you’re renovating your home, a tin roof is better for beautiful architectural design because it can do curves. A high-pitched tin roof also gives builders more flexibility and potentially more interior space to work with. This also opens up other options such as a pergola, carport or custom add-on to compliment your home. The curves, colours and character of high-quality COLORBOND® sheet metal is built to suit every style. At Above and Beyond Roof Replacements our expert hands will fit your roof to custom specification built to last. Whether you have a Hampton style home, Aussie homestead or modern masterpiece, the beauty and character of an Above and Beyond roof replacement is built to last. Better yet, our products and services are covered under warranty so you don’t have to worry. Energy efficiency Metal roofs are not only attractive but durable. It may seem counterintuitive, but sheet metal is lighter than tiles, and strong enough to withstand the elements – including fire hazards. Their light weight is ideal for preserving the architectural integrity of heritage homes, while their flexible material is ideal for absorbing the sun’s heat and providing insulation. In fact, research has found a 45 percent decrease in the flow of heat with the metal roof, reducing inside temperatures on the hottest days. Research has also found that metal roofs provide up to 25 percent reduction in cooling costs. Roof replacement really pays dividends when it comes to energy consumption in the long term.