How To Choose The Right Colour for Your Roof

So you’re thinking about re-roofing your home and wondering what colour will look best? It may surprise you to learn that the most common roof colours in Melbourne are black and red. What may surprise you even more is that there are scores of other colours to choose from, and each colour comes with its own particular heating and cooling properties. At Above & Beyond Roof Replacement we are experts in COLORBOND® re-roofing services and the array of colours available. Let’s find your perfect shade.

Ochre red, burnt orange and charcoal black are familiar shades across suburban Melbourne. However, these are not necessarily the best colours in terms of thermal protection. Dark opaque shades absorb rather than repel heat and light, inadvertently warming up your home and contributing to higher cooling costs.

It goes without saying that lighter coloured rooftops are more efficient at cooling your home than dark colours. A lighter shade strongly reflects sunlight and efficiently radiates heat. This means less heat in your home.

Many of us would like to use our air conditioners less, and one key way to achieve this is through a COLORBOND® roof.

COLORBOND® technology does a great deal to repel heat. Composed of five layers of insulating protection, COLORBOND® has been tested in Australia’s tough conditions and specially developed to be energy efficient. Thermatech® technology helps reflect the sun’s harmful rays, and qualifies as solar reflective under the Green Star Communities tool.

By incorporating Thermatech® solar reflectance technology, COLORBOND® has successfully developed darker colours that have high-performing cooling characteristics.

COLORBOND® steel is inspired by the colours of Australia, ensuring that your rooftop blends seamlessly with your environment and inspirations.

If you are attracted by the grey COLORBOND® hues then Gully® is a perfect example of a ‘darker’ roof that is cooling in summer weather conditions. Gully® is reminiscent of the stones that line Australian creeks and water-ways, and beautifully compliments a contemporary home.

If you are game to try a lighter colour, then Surfmist® is a neutral pale beige that was inspired by the mist from the sea, our Australian beaches and the yachts of a sail. This colour combines natural cooling properties with Thermatech® solar reflectance technology for optimum cooling results.

If you’re prepared to try something a little different, then Pale Eucalypt® is a shade reflecting the leaves of our celebrated gum trees. A deep grey-green, this bold colour is surprisingly gentle, and suitable for traditional as well as modern houses.

But for those drawn to the traditional red roof, Manor Red® provides a refreshing twist. Inspired by the red earth found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, this is a rich colour that invites startling contrasts.

At Above & Beyond Roof Replacements we provide a quote so you can explore the full range of COLORBOND®  colours for yourself. The perfect colour for your home is waiting to be discovered.