Why you Need a New Roof

It’s time to sell, it may end up costing you prices that are through the roof – literally! With options to suit your needs and aesthetic, Above & Beyond roof replacement services are a sure way to safeguard your home’s worth.


Physical Signs You Need a New Roof

A damaged roof often doesn’t just mean a damaged roof. Leaking ceilings and water damaged walls can all be a sign of a decrepit roof. Other signs you may need a new roof:

  • Moss & Algae
    Slowly eating away at shingles or shakes causing your roof to rot, these growths are often seen in damp and humid climates. Although harmless to your health and often seen as aesthetically pleasing, these are a big sign you need your roof looked at!
  • Mildew & Mould
    Mildew and mould are not only detrimental to your roof but also to your health! There are many types of mildew and mould and they spread fast!
  • Sad Looking Shingles
    Shingles looking grim? Your shingles should lay flat so discoloured, curled or cracked edges are a telltale sign your roof needs a replacement.
  • Shabby Looking
    Looks old, worn, saggy or drooping? This type of damage could mean the supports such as beams and studs are in need of some care. This can also be caused by poor installation or materials.

Everyday Signs You Need a New Roof

Sometimes the signs may not be so obvious so look out for other factors that could mean it’s time for a new roof! These circumstances could be:

  • Follow the Crowd
    Your neighbours are getting new roofs! Often most houses near each other were built around the same time, so if your neighbour’s roof is failing, yours might be too.
  • Old
    If your roof is over 20 years old, it may be time to get it looked at. Without the knowledge we have today, yours could be in need of repair.
  • Bill Shock
    A sure sign your roof is crippling is your energy bills! Many people think insulating their doors and windows is enough to keep those bills low, but more often than not your poorly insulated roof is the main cause of those exuberant bills.

Roof Types

When deciding on a new roof, you will need to factor in the timing and the climate of where you live. With end-to-end services, Above & Beyond can help you make the decision on the type of roof replacement you need.

  • Metal
    Lightweight and portable, metal roofs are a popular modern choice. With durable and long lasting features that are resistant to hail, wind damage and fire, this low-maintenance option could be for you!
  • Tile
    With a durable construction that can last up to 100 years, tile can withstand hail, high winds and fire. This heavyweight option may not be suitable for all roof slopes but often comes in a variety of colours and styles.
  • Colorbond
    The ideal roof type for Australians, Colorbond is more resistant to storms and fire than any other type of roof. Perfect for bushfire prone areas, this tried and tested material is proven to keep your home cooler. With thermally efficient light colours, your choices are extensive, perfect for any style.

Need assistance with your roofing replacement choices? Above & Beyond Roof are here to help you! Contact us today for assistance and a quote!