The Best New Colours for a Sheet Metal Roof

If you’ve been looking for re-roofing services in Melbourne, then you’ve probably also been thinking about what colour roof you should go with.
When it comes to that Aussie icon, iron roofs, you’re thankfully spoiled for choice. Colorbond® steel comes in a huge variety of colours, from traditional gunmetal grey, to country style rusty reds, and contemporary options like ivory white and eucalyptus inspired greens.
If you’ve been dreaming of installing a brand-new sheet metal roof of your own, then there has never been a better time to find the perfect colour for your home.
Colorbond® has teamed up with Dulux to deliver outstanding colour accuracy and extraordinary palettes. All Colorbond® colours can be matched in Dulux Weathershield exterior paint.

Never again do you have to settle for the same roof revamp as your neighbour. In 2021 alone, Colorbond® and Dulux have released three new colour palettes inspired by three-word concepts: Retreat, Nourish and Reset.
For obvious reasons, these three words perfectly harmonise with the lessons of 2020-21. World events have emphasised the need for homely comforts, rest and renewal.
So, take a look at these beautiful colour palettes for yourself. You may just discover the colour of your new Colorbond® roof.



The four colours in the Retreat palette offer just the right mix of comfort and security. We love the two teal-inspired shades, as well as the updated version gunmetal grey and deep rich blue.
In our opinion, these colours perfectly represent the changing nature of the home, that today can function as both a retreat, office and entertainment space.
Teal green is of course deeply in touch with our native landscape and the colour of gum leaves, which grey and blue speak to both our heritage and iconic skies.
Each of these colours updates a classic, and in the words of Dulux: “offers endless opportunities to blend a stylish home office into a place full of comfort and security.”



A lot of people are going to emphasise with the intention behind the Nourish palette. These stunning earthy neutral tones epitomise ease, stillness and the need to switch off and get away from digital distractions.

Personally, these gentle shades remind us of the white and cream colours found along Australian sea cliffs, pure sand, and limestone wash.
If you’re a fan of homes that are calming and zen, then you will be instantly drawn to the subtle design features and differences present in each of the Nourish shades.
We particularly love Dullaroy® beige. Inspired by the soft off-white of rivergums, this is a premium colour that will look stunning on both contemporary and heritage homes.
Dulux are rightly proud of the Nourish range: “The Nourish palette captures the deep appreciation for natural beauty as soothing colours encourage moments of stillness.”



Who doesn’t want to reset after the chaos and confusion of 2020? We’ve all had the chance to reassess things and many of us have come to realise the importance of home.

The bold colours of the reset range encourage us to feel empowered and fortified. Ranging from a cool crisp white, through to rich dark green, and two retro-inspired reds, the Reset range is as vivid as it is nostalgic and comforting.
Our personal favourite is Duratec Intensity®. This bold red reminds us equally of outback roads and 60s pop-art colours.


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