Protect Your Home From Extreme Weather Conditions

Aussies are no stranger to tough weather conditions, from summer bushfires, to winter hail, and spring and autumn storms, we get the extremes of everything.

For Aussies living in country areas particularly, harsh weather and fire is a serious concern. High winds, heavy rain, floors, and of course the ever-present risk of extremely high temperatures and fire all put rural homes at risk.

Thankfully, winter is the perfect time to protect your home from extreme weather conditions by investing in a roof replacement.

Only COLORBOND® steel is uniquely constructed to suit Australia’s rugged conditions, which is why the team at Above & Beyond Roof Replacement only works with this incredible material.


Unparalleled Fire Resistance

COLORBOND® steel is uniquely developed for fire resistance.

Unlike regular shingles, COLORBOND® has few points of entry, which means your home is better protected against stray sparks.

Furthermore, COLORBOND® deters the growth of rooftop moss and plant growth, which also presents a fire risk.

Finally, COLORBOND® itself is almost impossible to burn. Its continuous sealed surface is non-combustible and can withstand extreme temperatures. As a result, your home has a greater chance of being recovered in the event of fire when you have a COLORBOND® roof.


Extreme Weather Protection

Not only can COLORBOND® withstand extremely high temperatures, sparks, and direct flames, it is also designed to withstand the effects of extreme cold, frost, hail, rain, snow, and high winds.

COLORBOND® is a great choice in all of the above conditions because it is resistant to corrosion, peeling, and chipping, and provides a secure wind barrier.

COLORBOND® is less likely to be penetrated than other materials, which means you can keep the interior of your home warm and dry with minimal upkeep.

In fact, as compared to other materials, COLORBOND® performs best even in cyclonic conditions, and has been shown to require less maintenance in the wake of severe storms.


Heating and Cooling Capabilities

The thermal efficiency of COLORBOND® steel is widely recognised and can help you reduce both your heating and cooling costs.

In the summer months, COLORBOND® reflects away the sun’s rays, but also cools down quickly when the sun sets or disappears behind a cloud, ensuring that your home maintains moderate temperatures within.

The winter months, the same roof will help keep your home warm and comfortable, so long as it has been properly insulated, by keeping your home well sealed.

COLORBOND® steel also utilises Thermatech® technology, which optimises the solar reflectance properties of all 21 standard colours, so you can afford to pick the perfect colour to enhance your home, without compromising on thermal efficiency.


Explore the Full Range of COLORBOND® Colours

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