Check Out These Roof Makeovers

We all love home renovation before and afters, but roof refurbishments can be just as impressive. At Above & Beyond Roof Replacements, we take roofs from 0 to 100, replacing tired old tiles with stunning COLORBOND® steel in a wide array of impressive colours.

COLORBOND® steel is a fantastic roof material for the Australian climate, and particularly effective at fire-proofing your home during the harsh summer months.

If you’re looking for a roof refurbishment that can add value to your home in the form of fire-protection, insulation, lower bills, and aesthetic qualities, then look no further than a roof makeover by Above & Beyond. Not every roof replacement company can do what Above & Beyond can do.

Here are just some of our recent before and after photos, so you can see for yourself.


Roof Makeover #1

Here’s the perfect example of an old, damaged roof made new again. Not only were the roof hips breaking away, but each tile was also faded, and the roof was suffering from dirt build-up. The owners wanted an easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient roof that added beauty to their home. A classic dark grey COLORBOND® replacement was exactly what they wanted.

Roof Replacements

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Roof Makeover #2

It’s not always the case that the old roof is bad, but that it’s appearance is outdated and not doing any favours to the rest of the property. This is an especially important concern for homeowners who want to sell, or anyone trying to make their dream home a reality. In this case, the old tiles were from another era, and the house overall gained a fantastic new appearance by being updated with a COLORBOND® roof.

Roof makeover


Roof Makeover #3

If you’re looking for a statement roof, then you can’t go past a red COLORBOND® makeover. We love how this roof went from a faded grey to a striking red, complete with all the benefits of COLORBOND® including better energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and fire-resistance.

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Imagine Your Home with a Brand New Roof 

Explore the benefits of an Above & Beyond roof makeover on our website. We are upfront and easy to deal with on every level. Find out what we offer, what we do, and browse our portfolio, to start imagining your new roof.

Don’t waste time on a lacklustre roof. Not only can old and faded roofs pose a safety risk, but they can lower the value of your property overall. Get an Above and Beyond roof replacement and enjoy a more secure and beautiful home. Get in touch today for a quote!