Why You Should Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning gutters can be tedious work but staying on top of the maintenance may save you thousands in repairs and replacements. Gutters fill up with leaves and debris from rain and wind. When you have blocked gutters or downspouts, rainwater may not drain, causing internal and external damage to your home. Impaired, sagging or clogged gutters can cause an array of issues, including harm to your roof. This damage to your home can result in the need for a whole roof replacement or costly roof repairs.


Water & Fire Damage

With a backlog of debris and leaves, rainwater won’t drain properly down your gutters and pipes. This causes the water to overflow into your foundations and even into your house. Water damage can cause rot, warping and mold growth inside your home.

Blocked gutters can also create damage to the foundations of your home. Pooling around the foundation, this blocked water can cause cracks. This is more of a winter issue as the water can freeze and expand during the cooler weather.

Living in Australia, the weather gets hot! If you live in a fire-prone area, clogged dry debris can cause fire to start. Avoid this by cleaning your gutters or opting for a Colorbond metal roof from Above & Beyond which has properties that are more resistant to fire.


Prevents Pest Infestations

No one likes little critters running around their home! With a buildup of leaves and debris, rodents, birds and insects can thrive. Clogged gutters make a cosy home for these creatures but the last thing you want is a surplus of them. Avoid adding to your family by cleaning your gutters.


Protects Your Roof

With the rainwater having nowhere to run, it overflows. This water overflow leaks into your roof causing it to warp, rot and leak. No one likes a rotten roof so get those gutters clean! A good way to avoid this is with a waterproof roof system. Colorbond metal roofing from Above & Beyond prevents this from happening, even when you forget to clean your gutters.


How to Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters may be tedious but it’s not all that hard. Materials you will need include a bucket, some form of scraper, gloves and a ladder. The easiest way to clean your gutters is simply to climb your ladder with your bucket and pull out the leaves and debris by hand, ensuring you get a deep clean with the added scraper. Have someone on hand to spot you and hold the ladder steady for safety or opt for a professional gutter cleaner to come to your home. Another nifty trick to clean gutters is with a leaf blower. This is ideal if you are on top of your gutter cleaning or for the warmer weather when the debris is dry.


Roofing Needs

Forgot to clean your gutters and need a new roof? Want to ensure your home stays free from water and fire damage? Contact Above & Beyond to see how we can solve your roofing woes.