Although it might seem like a costly option, a roof replacement is a fantastic long-term investment that will make your home safer as well as more functional and efficient. You’ll first need to assess whether you can opt for a repair or restoration over a full replacement, as these are cheaper and can still provide you with longevity (roof restoration can extend the lifespan of your roof by up to 15 years). However, when all other options are exhausted, it’s probably time for a roof replacement. Luckily, there are many specialists for a roof replacement Melbourne wide and beyond, including us here at Above & Beyond.

Once you have arranged all the details of the project with a roofing company such as ourselves, there are several things that you can do in preparation before the roof replacement process starts. If you’re wanting things to run smoothly, we would advise preparing your home internally and externally as well as considering what to do with yourself and others living in the property whilst the roof replacement is underway.



Clear and protect attic/loft space – Because it is located directly underneath your roof, one of the first things you’ll have to sort out is your loft or attic space. Dirt and debris will inevitably fall from the internal part of the roof, so it’s important to cover anything that’s not being moved to another part of the house with some old sheets or tarp. Because of vibrations, any delicate or fragile pieces as well as items of value should be taken out of the loft for the duration of the roof replacement project and should be safely stored away from any walls.

Secure windows – The aforementioned debris and vibrations can fall from your roof, potentially damaging and scratching windows, which is why it’s important to take precautions to protect them. We’d recommend boarding them up, particularly ones close to the roof.

Remove wall decorations – Again, the vibrations from things like hammering can potentially affect the walls inside your home. To avoid objects falling, we’d recommend removing them from the wall. This includes mirrors, paintings, framed photos and ornaments.



Clear out garden/patio – This is one of the most important preparations you can carry out before the work starts. It’s a precaution that ensures the safety of everyone on-site, as well as protecting your outdoor furniture and other objects.

Remove satellite dishes and antennas – You can do this on your own, but roofers can also do it themselves before they begin work on the roof replacement.

Relocate vehicles – Moving your vehicles from garages and driveways is critical for two reasons. Firstly, the team who are carrying out the work need space for their vehicles, so they have easy access. Secondly, keeping your vehicles away from the work means that you can avoid scratching or damaging them.



Relocation – Before work starts, think about whether you and your family should relocate for the duration of the roof replacement. Depending on the scope of the replacement, the size of your property/roof and the type of project will determine how long the project lasts. If you can’t put up with the disruption and noise, then it might be worth relocating to a family member’s or friend’s home for the duration.

Kids and pets – You can warn children of the risks and dangers if you plan on staying in your home whilst the roof replacement is happening, but the best solution might be for them to stay elsewhere as the whole process might prove rather overwhelming for them.

Hopefully, by following this advice you’ll be able to make a roof replacement process as safe and smooth as possible for you and your family. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the team here at Above & Beyond.