How To Tell If Your Home Needs a Roof Replacement

If you have noticed that your roof is not looking as good as your neighbour’s and you are wondering if it’s time to invest in a roof replacement, it can be challenging to decide if it’s worth the expense. To help you out, we’ve spoken about some signs that your home needs reroofing. If these signs ring any bells, turn to Above & Beyond – the refoofing company Melbourne families rely on for a roof that is safe, stylish, and simple to maintain.


Your Roof is More Than 20 Years Old

Typically, most roofs will be at their best within the first 20 to 25 years, before they start to show signs of wear and tear and will need to be replaced. However, this will depend on the material of the roof. Asphalt generally lasts about 15 to 20 years, while tiles can last up to about 30 years and metal can last up to 40 years. As a general rule, you should inspect your roof if it has been more than 20 years since it has been replaced to check that it is still in good condition.


Your Roof is Peeling or Stained

If you can see stains or peeling paint on your roof, it’s likely time to replace it. While both stains and peeling are signs that your roof is aging, they can also suggest that there has been a water leak, especially if you think that it is quite early to be seeing signs of wear and tear. If it has been less than 20 years since your roof was last replaced and you can see these signs, it might be worth inspecting if you have a leaking roof.


Your Home is Always Cold

Do you find yourself constantly turning up the heater? Your roof plays an important part in keeping your home warm, as it should be an effective insulator. If your roof is no longer effectively insulating your home, now is the time to think about reroofing – especially as the colder months approach!


Your Roof Has Clear Signs of Age or Damage

When you can see broken shingles, faded Colorbond or general signs of damage caused by environmental factors such as storms, it can make your home less aesthetically pleasing than the homes of your neighbours. Apart from having a negative effect on the appearance of your home, it can actually lower the value of your home. A roof replacement with a good from Above & Beyond can raise the value of your house by up to 40%.


Above & Beyond

Ready to restore the appearance, improve the insulation and raise the value of your home? Above & Beyond will get the job done. Replacing your roof with Colorbond means a longer lifespan, and lower hassle/maintenance costs. Contact us today for a quote or more information on the quality services that we offer.